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2018 Mid-Year Statistics

Since January 1, 2018, Family Promise of Green County has helped 9 families remain in their homes through prevention services or helped them find new housing. (12 adults and 12 children)

Our year to date for the first six months of 2018 stands at a total of 56 people receiving housing services. 27 of those 56 served were children!

  • Over the past three years, the shift in services we provide to families in need on a national level has moved its focus from "Shelter" to "Homelessness Prevention".
  • In 2016 our National office reported 68,000 people were served by more than 200 Family Promise affiliates across the nation. Out of 68,000 people, only 14,023 stayed in our shelter programs while the remaining 53,977 were able to avoid homelessness due to our focus on enhanced homelessness prevention services.

In 2019 HUD is facing an $8.8 Billion budget cut which will have a direct impact on our local communities and families.

According to a recent report released by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, the shortage of available housing in WISCONSIN is among the worst in the nation! Wisconsin currently has on average, 28 affordable, available 2 bedroom apartments for every 100 "extremely low-income families". This means for every 28 families fortunate enough to find affordable housing, 72 families remain homeless! I encourage you to view the full report at  www.nlihc.org 

There are two reports that show in detail, the housing crisis we are facing. "OUT of REACH" The high cost of housing and the "GAP REPORT" showing the lack of housing.

The fair market price of a 2 bedroom rental unit in GREEN COUNTY, WI is currently at a level that requires a household to earn $14.96 per hour to pay the monthly rent. This means an individual or household earning minimum wage must work 2.1 fulltime jobs per week just to afford the rent!


In 2017 we provided:

  • Emergency Housing/Shelter to 21 Families.      (21 Adults/30 Children)

  • After Care Services to 3 families.

  • Transitional Apartment Services to 4 families.

  • Homelessness Prevention Services to 9 families. 

  • Our Graduation Rate is currently at 54% and of those graduates; we continue to maintain a high success rate of 90 % successfully maintaining their homes after 6 months.

  • The average length of stay in our shelter program in 2017 was currently 24 days. In part, this was due to a stable job market.


Since our start-up in November 2011:

Family Promise of Green County has provided services to 161 local families, a total of 397 people through our programs; of this number; 191 were children.


*The above statistics include services to families through all current programs provided by Family Promise of Green County.