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2018 Statistics 

In 2018 Family Promise has provided shelter services to 14 families and Homelessness Prevention Services to an additional 11 families.

During 2018 we have served a total of 65 people of which 32 were children.



2011-2018 Statistics

Since Family Promise of Green County began serving local families in November of 2011, we as a community have provided services to a total of 191 families for a total of 461 people served. That number includes 240 homeless children.

We have approximately 700 dedicated volunteers throughout Green County who make what we do possible! Our volunteers are the backbone of our program, our volunteers are priceless!

Measuring the Value of What We Do

In a typical week, our volunteer host site coordinators, volunteer van driver coordinators, van drivers, and daily on-site volunteers give an estimated 275 hours (conservative) of volunteer service to provide for our families, and in some cases a lot more, That averages out to 14,300 volunteers per year! In 2018, the dollar value of one volunteer hour is calculated to be $24.69. If we use this value and extend it back over the past seven years of operation (14,300 X 7 = 100,100 hours) and we multiply $24.69 X 100,100  hours we find that our dedicated, committed volunteers have provided an estimated....

$2,271,469.00 of Volunteer Service !!

So what does this number mean to our local communities? It means our volunteers have saved our communities and our county, a lot of tax dollars through dedicated service! Additional tax dollars that would have had to come out already strained city and county budgets to provide increased basic services for struggling families here in Green County but through your generosity, you have kept that from happening.


Without our generous donors, we would not exist. We are grateful to United Way of Green County, Green County Board of Supervisors & The Monroe Fund. We are grateful to all of the local organizations, schools, corporate donors, company employees, and our individual donors, you keep us moving forward! Thank you!

Thank you and may you be richly blessed in 2019!!